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    Mother Goose | Experience Early Learning Program |
  • Each classroom has a qualified head teacher who has met the certified requirements of the Illinois Licensing Standards for Childcare Facilities. Our Program is enriched with a curriculum called Mother Goose, an Experience Early Learning Program. Mother Goose is a research-based curriculum that supports your child’s rapidly growing curiosity. As your child participates in this nationally recognized program, they will: Build friendship skills and learn how to express their feelings, have access to specialized books, science tools, art materials, games, and math manipulatives to encourage problem-solving and creative thinking, engage in daily routines and activities that support brain development while also building the self-regulation and attention span needed for long-term school success. Mother Goose creatively uses monthly themes to integrate colors, shapes, numbers, and letters of the month. The integrated curriculum uniquely weaves 35 research-based skills into playful games and discovery projects all while supporting a child’s social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.